Need food for a business meeting? Try Source

The Source site gives you all kinds of office catering options. Order today. Delivered tomorrow.

If you’re in West London, getting food for meetings or social events in your office is really easy. Just go to our website for Source at and you’ll find a huge selection of catering options that can be delivered – straight to your office and with delivery free of charge – the very next day.

For a limited time, there’s also 20% off your first order through the website!

Source provide great catering options – from sandwich platters to sushi, and from curries to quiche – so it’s easy to order whatever your guests and staff require, straight from the website. Source can give advice on all kinds of things too – like how many canapes you’ll need for an evening reception, or what kind of options you could have for a breakfast briefing.

Talk to Source too, about wine, beer and soft drinks to make a meeting or a party go with a swing.

The Source site is just one of the eCommerce sites we’ve completed for our clients over the years, and if that’s the kind of thing that you need for your business, then please get in touch with us.


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