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Babson Capital Management signage


Babson Capital Management


Earlier this year, we were approached by Babson Capital Management, a global investment management organisation. Babson Capital Management was in the process of rebranding, and as such, required the signage throughout their London office to be replaced.

It soon became apparent that this was no ordinary signage update. After our initial site visit, we realised that the existing signage had been fixed to the wall in such a way that removing it would likely cause lasting and visible damage. As well as this, the material used on the wall was uncommon, and there was a risk that the replacement plaster would not match the existing.

After some research, we came across Armourcoat, a leading supplier of polished plasters, and innovative surface finishes. Armourcoat were able to match the existing material, and over two days, the wall rendering took place. The overall result was excellent, and matched the existing walls perfectly, ready for the new signage installation.

The signage itself was produced by using built up satin metal letters with 20mm returns and flat cut 3mm satin metal letters. We decided to use satin metal letters, rather than anodized aluminium due to the fact that, over time anodized aluminium ages differently to the cut edges (which are not anodized) therefore creating a much more noticeable contrast. We recommended satin stainless steel as it is a much higher quality material with a superior finish.

Both ourselves and the client were extremely happy with the overall result, and we look forward to working with Babson Capital Management in the future.





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