Our Work: Barclays Digital Eagles HQ neon sign



Barclays Digital Eagles HQ neon sign




In 2013, Barclays launched the Barclays Digital Eagles initiative, with the aim to encourage their colleagues within Barclays to become more comfortable with the continuously adapting digital world.  The Barclays Digital Eagles now offer their digital solutions, support and practical advice to a wide variety of groups, ranging from their Barclays colleagues, to customers and community groups, some of whom have never been online before.

With initiatives ranging from ‘Barclays Code Playground’, an online workshop encouraging children to learn to code, to ‘Tea and Teach, aimed at those who are unconfident online, The Barclays Digital Eagles are at the forefront of the technology and digital world.

With this in mind, Barclays felt that the Digital Eagles needed a fittingly modern sign for their headquarters based in Canary Wharf, the final decision being a neon sign.

Whilst the majority of neon signs are produced using one tube per letter, we decided to use two, which enabled us to replicate the Digital Eagles typeface.  In addition to this, the neon sign was mounted to Perspex which was cut to the shape of these characters.  The client was extremely impressed with the end result and we look forward to producing more neon signs in the future.




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