Our Work: Louis de Soissons Architects new identity



Louis de Soissons Architects new identity


Louis de Soissons Architects


Established in 1920, ‘Louis de Soissons’ first made their name working on such major commissions as the original ‘Master Plan’ for Welwyn Garden City, a town they continually helped shape for the next 60 years. They were also the architects behind the original Home Office building, various Duchy of Cornwall private estates in London, and Lords cricket ground.

Today the practice has offices in Hertsfordshire and London, and operates in both the commercial and private sectors specialising in, among other things, town centre conservation and inner city developments.

When exploring how to refine their brand identity, we knew it was important to stay true to their origins while still giving them the more contemporary look-and-feel they were after. Seeking inspiration, we looked at vintage posters of Welwyn Garden City, where the most striking features were the bold use of colour and dominant typography. These were details we were keen to introduce into our design.

Seeking a typeface from the 1920’s, we decided upon ‘Kabel’, as we felt it evoked the era in a clear yet subtle way. We were also keen to introduce a brighter colour palette, and after experimenting with a few options we finally selected a vivid ‘apple green’ which brings to mind the garden cities for which Louis de Soissons first earned their reputation. The use of such a bold colour is a mark of confidence, and makes the brand seem fresh and modern.

Having produced their new logo and stationery, we are now beginning work on their new website, so watch this space.




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