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Our Work: Barclays HQ Wayfinding Signage Pilot



Barclays HQ Wayfinding Signage Pilot




Navigating a 32-floor skyscraper can be tricky at the best of times. Factor into this, thousands of staff members plus countless visitors per day, clear and easy-to-follow directional signage becomes something of a critical factor.

Having been approached by Barclays to make the task of navigating their Canary Wharf Headquarters a little easier, we began work on a pilot scheme for wayfinding, office and lift signage on Level 17, which if successful would run throughout the building.

The key to a good wayfinding system is to remain concise, removing any unnecessary details so that information can be established at-a-glance, without the need for the user to pause and contemplate.

The design also needed to simultaneously work in harmony with its surroundings, while still catching the attention of those in need of it.

The final design is clean and uncluttered, drawing the user’s eye to the required information. Initial feedback to the signage has been very positive, so we look forward to the potential roll-out across the building.


Lift & Office signage

Lift signage – Brushed stainless steel lettering, mounted onto 10mm clear acrylic and wet spray-painted matt cyan.
Office signage – White matt powder coated aluminium, mounted onto 10mm clear acrylic and wet spray-painted matt cyan. The lettering was applied using matt vinyl so that it can be easily updated.


Free standing totem sign

Free standing totem sign – White matt powder coated aluminium front, with a 50mm aluminium wet spray-painted matt cyan sides. The lettering and floor plan were applied using matt vinyl so that they can be easily updated.





Azure Wealth provide financial management for elite clients. Now, their corporate literature shows how they are different.

Our design work for Azure (carried out in conjunction with marketing consultants, Crimea River) was based around the idea that Azure not only understand the global financial landscape, they understand the world in which their clients live.

Many wealthy people today live international lives. They need financial management that is responsive to their distinctive needs. So, our brochure for Azure points up how the company is different, preferring to establish their credentials by highlighting their personal approach, rather than through lengthy presentations or technical-speak.

Our design work is understated, slightly quirky in its use of typography, a little more imaginative than one might expect in terms of the way it is illustrated.

Azure Wealth are a different kind of wealth manager. Our design makes that point, and helps support their position as experts in the evolving world of global wealth.

Azure Wealth have a new corporate brochure, designed and produced by us



Our work: New Website for London and Capital

Home page of the new London and Capital site

Home page of the new London and Capital site



London and Capital is a large and ambitious Asset and Wealth Management firm based in London. The company is independently-owned and creates investment solutions specifically tailored to clients’ needs

Established in 1986, the company has around US $ 3.7 billion of discretionary assets under management. London & Capital’s specialist divisions are orientated towards creating tailor-made portfolios that meet its clients’ goals.

The company made the decision to develop a new site in mid-2013, and, after a selection process, chose to work with WildWest as contractor to implement a new site that would be more approachable, take advantage of new facilities that browsers like Firefox, Chrome and IE10 were making possible, and finally to use the newer, larger displays that many professional office workers now prefer.

Along the way, WildWest’s challenge would be to contain and manage a very large contingent of information, and to make that information readily available to the many different types of business people who would be acessing the site from many different devices from tablets to office workstations.

You can view the site at

Make your advertising a pleasure to read

From the way some press advertisements are written, you’d think that there was a vendetta against anyone who tried to read them.

Not only are they difficult to read (too much information, badly put together), but their goal seems to bludgeon into submission whoever constitutes an audience.

A long time ago, someone told me that if you could add the words “you idiot” to your headline and it still made sense, then it was time to reconsider and rewrite.

Something like this maybe: “Are you still choosing the most expensive service there is? (you idiot!).

Talking down to your audience is easy to do, and every generation has to learn how NOT to do it.

For the record, here’s an example of what we like to do best: simple, straightforward, but above all intelligent advertising. This sample is for one of our long-standing finance clients, Inflexion, whose logo and website we designed many years ago.

Advertising at its best is an exchange of value – the reader gently unravels a puzzle; it is a pleasure to look at; there’s a compelling story – while the advertiser is seen in a new light, a light that reflects their character and skills (who they are, and what they do).

An advertisement only needs to arouse interest. It needs to say enough, but not too much.

If, like us, you sympathise with this thought, please do get in touch.


Simple, straightforward and intelligent – advertising designed to reward the reader


Wealth Manager, PE Firm among new clients

Too soon to reveal full details, but Design WildWest has been appointed to handle two identity and design projects for evolving clients in finance.

One includes a complete review and brand refresh for a London-based wealth management firm that wants to really mark a difference in style between it and its competitors. WildWest has been working with marketing consultants to the company (who are providing strategic input) and new website, corporate literature and associated materials are now in process.

The second project involves a developing a complete new look for a private equity firm that is spinning off from an American parent. New name and logo have now been agreed, and WildWest is now moving on to design and produce stationery, website and associated collateral materials in time for the new company’s launch later this summer.

WildWest already has a prestigious portfolio of clients in finance including Silverfleet, Inflexion, Satya Capital, Hatton Grange, Alcentra and others. These two new important assignments help to demonstrate how Design WildWest helps new and evolving companies establish a complete and distinct image in a crowded marketplace.

Our track record in finance

We’re very pleased to be able to demonstrate such a comprehensive record of experience in working with finance and investment companies, investment funds and particularly with private equity firms. One of the big attractions for them has always been our ability to work across boundaries, in terms of new media and design for traditional print and display. Often, we’ve helped companies to take their first steps into the market and continued to work with them as they have grown.

Here are some of the firms we are currently working with:-

Argonaut Capital
BTG Pactual
Duke Street
Resolute Asset Management
Satya Capital

We’re looking forward to adding to that list in 2013, and helping all our clients to greater success.

Private equity? Need to sharpen your procurement?

Wildwest designed and programmed the new Pepco Services website

Whether you’re a private equity firm looking to sharpen up procurement, or a private-equity backed company that needs to improve its bottom line, you’ll need to take a look at the new website for specialist procurement experts Pepco.

The Pepco catalogue of services provides an entry to almost every facility and service a company could need – from car leasing to computer services, and from property to stationery supplies. And all Pepco suppliers are quality-checked, as well as providing exceptional value, thanks to special procurement rates negotiated by Pepco.

Pepco help companies to find high-quality suppliers and then, because of

Pepco members gain access to big company procurement advantages

aggregated rates, ensure that those same companies get the best value possible. For a busy company that wants to run as efficiently as possible, the Pepco service gives you a short-cut to an improved profit line, since every pound saved on buying everyday services is a direct improvement to profitability.

Pepco offers its services to companies in Britain, and in France too. We’re very pleased to have been able to help Pepco present itself and its complete range of services to its member companies.

For more details, go to

Our new website for Silverfleet Capital goes live

Silverfleet Capital is a leading European private equity firm specialising in mid-market buyouts.

Silverfleet Capital business sectors page

For 25 years, Silverfleet has been backing exceptional management teams in exciting businesses across Europe. The company has an investment team based in London, Paris, Munich and Chicago to help its portfolio companies make bolt-on acquisitions and to achieve strong organic growth.

WildWest has been working with Silverfleet for over a year, helping the company to dramatise its unique approach to investors and potential investee companies. Now, we’ve achieved our biggest landmark yet, a new website (in three European languages) which builds and develops the Silverfleet identity, as well as providing a private, password-protected area specifically for existing investors in the company’s portfolio.

The introduction for investors at the Silverfleet Capital website


WildWest design will be maintaining and updating all three language versions so that European companies can keep up to date with developments at the company. Find out more about Silverfleet Capital (and WildWest web capabilities!) at


BTG Pactual wins Best Global Macro Fund

Capa2We’re sending our best congratulations to our clients at BTG Pactual.

BTG Pactual last night won the EuroHedge award for Best Global Macro Fund in 2010. They were awarded their prize at the prestigious EuroHedge Dinner.

BTG Pactual a Brazilian-based investment bank, the largest in South America. Wild West has been working with BTG Pactual for some time, helping them with stakeholder communications and other issues where our design skills have real value.

Promoting Money Skills to Students

This brochure was part of a pack introducing Barclays Money Skills weeks to collegesPromoting financial awareness to students may not be the easiest task in the world, but now more than ever, it’s essential that students stand on their own two feet financially, and understand the implications of their financial decisions. Adding expensive overdrafts to a debt mountain of loans may feel like something to be worried about later, but debt can add up to a big burden for later life, or worse, if spending and debt get out of control.

Full marks then, to Barclays for extending its already huge and wide-reaching Money Skills programme – a programme designed to educate the underpriviledged and the needy about financial management – into colleges, to help their students.

Student life can be stressful enough without money worries, and out of control debt can have a marked impact on health, on the ability to study effectively, and most important of all on college drop-out rates. Barclays Money Skills weeks provide important lessons, for student life and for the life of work that follows.

Wild West are helping Barclays promote their Money Skills programme and in particular their Money Skills weeks, through promotional work like that illustrated here.