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Our Work: BARX Fantasy Football league winners medals



BARX Fantasy Football league monthly winners medals


Barclays Premier League


The BARX Fantasy Football league has been running for several years, but for the 2015/16 season the BARX team decided to award their monthly winners with their very own medals, based on the style of those presented to the Barclays Premier League Champions every year.

The BARX medals were produced using brass and plated in polished nickel, with the centre of the medal printed with the Barclays Premier League logo, and the winner’s text laser engraved onto the outer edge of the medal. In order to keep the Barclays Premier League branding consistent, we used the official ribbons which we design and produce for the Barclays Premier League Champions medal presentation each year.




Our work: Christmas emailers

We always enjoy the opportunity to create unique and exciting Christmas designs, so we thought we’d sign-off 2014 with a few favourites of ours:


For their Christmas emailer this year, Silverfleet Capital wanted to stand-out from their competitors. Much of the emphasis was placed on reinforcing the company’s focus on Europe, creating an animated card that worked in different countries and different languages. The snow and the magic of a winter landscape did the rest.

Alcentra Capital had a similarly international feel with their card, with a very simple and effective design that worked all over the world.






For Kester capital we designed a fun, festive card that worked well both as a static and animated emailer (click on the image to see the animated version).



Our own card was a modern twist on tradtional nordic designs, with a nod to moving optical illusions.







Our work: Barclays ATP World Tour Finals



Barclays internal flyers




WildWest has been working with the Barclays sponsorship department for over 15 years on projects ranging from the Barclays Premier League, Barclays Money Skills, Barclays Prepare For Work and the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals.

On this occasion, we were asked to produce a piece of internal communications to increase awareness of the upcoming Barclays ATP World Tour Final event.  Our aim was to strengthen the relationship between the ATP and Barclays in the eyes of the Barclays employees.

The leaflet was being used by Barclay’s staff to nominate a colleague whom they thought deserved tickets to the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals. We therefore wanted the leaflets to be as eye-catching as possible, to ensure they did not get lost amongst the large quantities of internal communications. To achieve this, we designed the leaflet to resemble a large tennis ball in Barclays Cyan, which we feel successfully solidified the connection between the two organisations. The response from Barclays has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are looking forward to developing this idea further in the future.



Time for a change?

Sometimes, you just need a fresh approach













Are your design partners really responding to your requirements?

With all due respect to our competitors, sometimes it is absolutely necessary to take a fresh look at the design work you are getting.

There are a lot of reasons why.

Maybe your agency has just got a little stale. Maybe they can’t look at your design guidelines (particularly if they are invented elsewhere) and conceptualise a great result. Maybe it’s your fault as a client and you just haven’t given your agency enough space to succeed.

More often, it’s because you have a new project and that gives you the opportunity to shop around.

We’ve been the beneficiaries and the losers in this process too, on the odd occasion. Mostly, we’ve been able to respect our client’s decision. Sometimes, they’ve made it difficult for us, either presenting us with a fait accompli, or giving us absolutely no room to try a fresh approach.

At WildWest though, we’re very proud of the longevity of our client relationships (some of which have lasted for fifteen years and more). We are continually concerned to refresh what we can offer and respond to the latest technology possibilities.

Above all, we like to review our effectiveness continually, and ensure that the work we do, both in design and production management, is what our clients need.

Over the past few years, we’ve worked on a big Corporate Social Responsibility project (Barclays MoneySkills) and we’ve proved we can deliver against tough deadlines and with imagination. We had to design and produce a large range of materials, and also to pack and ship them to multiple destinations, ensuring their safe receipt.

We’d love to find another project like that.

So give it some thought, and if you feel it might be time for a change, come and talk to us.


We produced a huge range of materials for Barclays MoneySkills

We produced a huge range of materials for Barclays MoneySkills

Our work: Reinforcing the brand


WildWest has developed a suite of awards for the Barclays Premier League, which are given out to honour outstanding achievement within the beautiful game.

These include the Man of the Match, the Player and Manager of the month and the new Barclays Merit Award, which can be awarded to anyone from groundskeepers to goalies.

The Barclays Merit Award celebrates great sportsmanship, major career milestones and all the outstanding work that goes on behind the scenes in the Barclays Premier League to make the whole matchday experience really special.


WildWest has a long track record in supporting sponsorship and other corporate initiatives with cost-effective resources of all kinds, from branded clothing and equipment, through to trophies like these, specifically designed to underscore the visible branding that corporate sponsors need.

Barclays – helping young people stay in control of their money!

Barclays Money Skills is helping a number of disadvantaged groups as well as the young and old to understand how to stay in control of money.  Kids at FE Colleges up and down the country can register and receive help and advice on making the most of their money and how not to get into difficulty with it!

For more information on Barclays Money Skills in FE Colleges, go here:-

Working in finance and investment

Modesty (currently) and non-disclosure agreements prevent us from naming our latest two financial clients. One, a hedge fund, was impressed by work we had done elsewhere for our long-standing clients at BTG. Another, an investment and fund management company, is the European arm of an American parent.

These two companies join a growing list of boutique finance, investment and private equity investors who are entrusting the strengthening of their brand and communications to the team at WildWest Design.

We already value Alcentra, BTG, Duke Street, Inflexion, Silverfleet, and Oakley Capital as long-standing clients.

The Barclays Premier League – Fixtures

Just one simple way that we help Barclays to promote their association with the Premier League in England (and their status as a leading sponsor of international sport) is by publishing the fixtures table. This graphic has so far featured in countries as diverse as Kenya and South Africa, and here, in the New York Times.

The current Euro 2012 Championship seems to be increasing everyone’s appetite for the new season too, though whether England will be able to get by their next challengers (Italy) is open to doubt at this stage.

IGP&I Annual Review now available

Working in conjunction with Lucid Communications, WildWest Design has just completed the first annual review for the International Group of P&I Associations.

IGP&I is a hugely important, though largely unknown, organisation, working to enable international trade by sea. IGP&I works with its member organisations to improve safety, influence international legislation and ensure that crew members are protected from piracy and accidents.

This first Annual Review should help IGP+I improve the visibility of the work that is done by this very important insurance trade body.

More at

Looking for a charity to support this Christmas?

emerge poverty free's latest annual report

If you are looking to support a charity this Christmas, then of course, you have a big choice before you. But maybe think about our clients at emerge poverty free as a candidate?

emerge poverty free do just what they say – help individuals and communities to work their way out of poverty and dependency. They run a tight organisation and as you’ll see from their annual report (which was designed and produced by us), a big proportion of the money they raise goes straight to the beneficiaries, rather than being spent on administration.

If you can help, or you need more information, go to