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Our Work: Barclays Premier League Manager of the Season and Player of the Season Awards 2014/15



Barclays Premier League End of Season Awards 2014/15




We were thrilled when we were once again asked by Barclays to design and produce the Barclays Premier League Golden Boot and Golden Glove for the 2014/15 Season.

This year, these acclaimed awards were presented to Manchester City’s Sergio Agüero on the final game of the season at the Etihad Stadium to rapturous applause from the Manchester City fans. Agüero was awarded the Golden Boot for scoring 26 goals in the 2014/15 season, beating out his closest competitor, Tottenham’s Harry Kane, by an impressive 5 goals.

Whilst the Golden Boot was comfortably won by Agüero, the race for the Golden Glove was incredibly close, and was eventually decided on the final day of the season when Manchester City’s Joe Hart kept his 14th clean sheet and was awarded the Barclays Premier League Golden Glove for the fourth time.

These bronze awards are produced using the lost wax chasing technique, after which, they are gold plated and personalised for each recipient.

Throughout the football season, WildWest also produce the Barclays Premier League Man of the Match, Player of the Month, and Manager of the Month trophies, but perhaps none are more sought after as the awards we design and produce for the Barclays Premier League Manager of the Season and Player of the Season Awards. These awards are set apart from the Man of the Match and Manager of the Month awards by being plated in gold.

The 2014/15 season saw an award double for Champions Chelsea FC, with José Mourinho winning the Manager of the Season for the third time, and Eden Hazard being awarded the Player of the Season award. Hazard was also awarded the PFA Player of the Season and FWA Player of the Season awards.

On behalf of everyone at WildWest, we wanted to congratulate each winner on an exciting 2014/15 Barclays Premier League Season.




6 Ways to Ensure Your Website Keeps Working for You



Over the years, we’ve designed and created a lot of sites. For different industries, different audiences and achieving vastly different results too. Some have been very niche (take a look at Tax Efficient Review for example, the bees knees for those interested in Venture Capital Trusts or Enterprise Investment Schemes). Others have helped companies to reach a much wider public.

These days though, it’s not enough just to design and post your site. Making it available is just the start. Any website should be playing an active role in your market development and delivering back on your investment.

Here are some starting points:

1. Think about audiences.

Make it easy for investors to get where they want to, as well as giving sales or service information to potential buyers. Remember that people who have already bought from you could be your best source of new sales. Your staff will also want a website they can feel proud of.

2. Do you want people to come back to your site? Then provide information that changes.

Could be a blog, could be news, market analysis, a cartoon – your website should be more like a magazine than a printed book. If visitors come back and see the same old content, they won’t stay long – they will feel they’ve done it all already.


3. Think about value.

What can you give to your audiences that will have value for them? It could be something they didn’t know about market conditions, an expert view on how to apply your products or services, an evaluation tool. It could be a competition, a CSR programme – Barclays feature their MoneySkills advice, for example, together with sponsorships.

4. When you provide value, make sure people know about it!

You can promote your features through Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media. Your staff and others with an interest (resellers, supply chain) should be encouraged to do the same. Best of all is when your clients start supporting you too.

5. How do people view your site?

Are they deskbound PC users, or iPhone aficionados, keeping in touch on the move? For most, it’s both, so you need to make sure your website responds to many different viewing platforms and is continuously available.




6. Make sure you know what’s going on.

An analytics package is essential to keep your marketing programme and your website on track. It will help show what is working well and what doesn’t. It will show how long people stay on your site and what they look at most. How they search to find you, or your competitors. Essential stuff.

All of this will have a bearing on how you structure your site, how it looks, how the navigation works and many other factors. It should help you get the absolute best return for your investment too.


Our work: Barclays Premier League top awards

2pics 260x173 - GGlove GBoot awards



Barclays Premier League Golden Boot and Glove Awards


Trophy design and production for the Barclays Premier League award presented annually to the best player and goalkeeper.

2013/14 Season

Golden Boot Luis Suarez (Liverpool)
Golden Glove Petr Cech (Chelsea) and Wojciech Szczesny (Arsenal)


WildWest have added to the suite of awards we provide for the Barclays Premier League by designing and producing the Barclays Golden Boot and Golden Glove awards for the 2013/14 season.

The Barclays Golden Boot is awarded to the top goal-scorer of the season and is a highly sought after and prestigious award. This year, the Barclays Golden Boot was awarded to Luis Suarez (Liverpool) who scored 31 goals in the 2013/14 season. Luis Suarez also won the Barclays Player of the Season award, which is also produced by WildWest.

The Barclays Golden Glove award is awarded to the goalkeeper who has kept the most clean-sheets during the season. This season was a first for the Barclays Premier League as Petr Cech (Chelsea) and Wojciech Szczesny (Arsenal) were crowned joint winners by both keeping 16 clean-sheets.

The awards themselves were designed by WildWest and sculpted in clay and cast using the lost wax chasing technique. After this, the awards were fully gold plated and personalised for each winner.


2pics 260x173 - GGlove GBoot sculptor

Sculptor giving the final touches to the clay model of the Golden Glove Award



Brands2Life – a European drama

Our ad for Brands2Life, showcasing their European Nikon launch

We’ve been helping our firiends at the leading PR agency, Brands2Life, this month, helping them to create an ad dramatising one of their most spectacular achievements!

The agency was asked to deliver a high impact launch for the introduction of the new Nikon 1 camera. Their campaign of six-metre high hands in capital cities across Europe certainly delivered.

Our ad for the agency just takes that dramatic statement and puts it on the page.

Website maintenance – a different view

Web maintenance and updating is one of those subjects that splits clients down the middle. Some of them just say, “You do it,” and we do. Others say, “No. We’d like to have the opportunity to update some or all of our site.”

Our 'Dynamics in the Cloud' website for Tectura was built using WordPress.

Our 'Dynamics in the Cloud' website for Tectura was built using WordPress.

Those in the latter group, sometimes have a different option (if we know that is what they’re going to need from the outset!); we can build their site (or microsite) using the wonderful toolset provided by WordPress.

This blog is (of course) built in WordPress, but there are plenty of customised WordPress sites all over the world that you would be hard-pressed to spot, and because WordPress was built for bloggers, it is amazingly easy to update – even for non-specialist users like me!

WordPress gives those who want to have it, complete control over the pages that make up their site. They can add graphics, sound or video. They can provide links to other pages and other sites. Best of all, they can provide the complete information on a page that will help it to be found by search engines very easily.

Sites built in this way are ideal for a topical occasion (a product launch perhaps or a sales conference) and because they are so easy to add to or amend, marketing and PR people really like them. Especially when the new site can be shown to really add to traffic – and, yes, you get an inbuilt traffic monitor too!

If you would like to find out more about this option, please get in touch.

Design for PR

Some PR agencies like to invest in their own in-house design capabilities. Others either aren’t of a sufficient size, or they just like to choose the right designers for the right project. After all, design, like a pair of shoes, doesn’t come in one size for everyone.

A pop-up display for Barclays Spaces for Sports

Even a big agency like financial specialists FD have been known to look to WildWest for design and programming skills, and over the years, we’ve worked variously for Brands2Life, Octopus (and their Loudhouse research subsidiary), Bite, Lexis and Hill and Knowlton.

The projects have included everything from interview sets for British Lions rugby, through to client magazines, props for photoshoots, websites and advertising. Some of these companies have come to us because of our particular knowledge of sponsorship and sponsorship activation; others for more general help, or to ask whether something they have in mind is actually feasible.

Wild West – Helping out the Madrid bid

Seve backs Spain's bid to host the Ryder Cup

Seve backs Spain's bid to host the Ryder Cup

Madrid is one of the cities bidding to stage the 2018 Ryder Cup, the golf competition that pits the best of Europe against the best of America. Wild West was pleased to help out British PR agency, Lexis by designing and producing some impressive branded clothing and other materials for the launch – all produced in double-quick time, in order to be ready for the launch event which featured Spanish golfing legend Seve Ballesteros.

Sadly, Ballesteros will not now be able to play the four demonstration holes at next week’s British Open, to be staged at St Andrews, the scene of some of his greatest triumphs. His recovery from brain surgery and consequent therapy simply won’t allow it.

Brands2Life – 10 Years Old!

Gosh, it’s 10 years since we designed the logo for a new PR company called Brands2Life.b2l_rgb
Now, they are one of the most successful PR outfits around with a client list that is based in technology and telecomms, but stretches a long way into other areas too.

And they are still a client of Wild West! Over the years, we’ve worked on web, advertising, direct marketing, print design and display projects for the agency directly and for its clients.

We would like to add our congratulations to Giles Fraser and Sarah Scales, who have made Brands2Life such a success over 10 years.

Boost Web Site Traffic. Add a Blog

Blogs like this one aren’t difficult to set up. The difficult thing is to keep them updated regularly with news from your company. If you do manage to do that, though, you should see some tangible results and sooner than you might think too.

The web is an information medium, but it’s a news medium too, one where (for example) experts can provide very succinct nuggets of information (and we’d like to think that this is one of those!) which help to showcase your company’s capabilities and what it is good at.

That’s exactly the kind of content – continually refreshed and updated – that search engines love. Too often, web sites are treated like the annual report. ‘We did that months ago’ – people tell us, without realising that by failing to refresh and update content, they are losing potential visitors and more importantly, the business that comes with an understanding of your special expertise.

Wild West is a team of people – designers, programmers and marketing experts – all of whom can bring to bear particular expertise on issues that regularly face commercial organisations – from identity and branding, through to the creation of documents and web resources that will help the business to grow.

A blog is part of today’s marketing toolkit. Ignore it, and you might just be turning your back on business.

Blogs can focus on a specific aspect of your business, on an area of specialisation or something you are particularly proud of (like a sponsorship deal or a social responsibility programme). In fact, today’s blogging software is often enough to organise and publish all the marketing information that a smaller, specialist company may have the bandwidth to put out. That could mean that it might be able to do without the expense of a web site altogether, at least at the outset. Something to think about there, particularly for start-up companies!

Building Web Traffic and Business Too

Once upon a time, everyone loved Flash animations, and the thing to have was a big animated sequence on your home page to entice everyone into your site. (We did a wonderful one for Mezzanine Management – a floating and revolving logo on a black background – but it took a long time to load!)

Nowadays, businesses need to know that if someone just visits the home page of your site, there will be something there that tells them very quickly what the company does, who its products or services are designed for, and why someone in their target market might want to read further.

These days, its all about targetting and measurement, and if possible, having your clients and potential clients come back time after time, maybe by giving privileged access to certain information for key individuals.

They won’t do that if your web content is flat and uninteresting; if your news section hasn’t been updated for six months; if your contact information is out of date. Yet all of these things still happen.

A web site should be like a magazine, not an inscription on a stone. The content should change regularly, and be interesting too. Why should I read this page? Should be the first question you ask about your site. Why? Because that’s what every visitor will be asking too. (Inflexion – see the post below – is a great example).