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Our Work: Northamptonshire County Cricket Club Rebrand



Northamptonshire County Cricket Club Rebrand


Northamptonshire County Cricket Club


Having been involved in Sports Sponsorship and brand activation for many years, we were delighted to be asked to work on the redesign of the Northamptonshire County Cricket Club brand.

The club, dating back to 1878, has had many iterations of its iconic Northamptonshire rose throughout the years, but it’s most recent incarnation had become cluttered with too many elements. We wanted to strip the logo back to its core component, and make the rose the hero of the logo again.




The rebrand also encompassed the badge for the T20 team, The Northamptonshire Steelbacks. The T20 tournament is the new kid on the block compared to traditional county cricket, and this spirit needed to be reflected in the logo, whilst still maintaining a link to the CCC logo and essential “Englishness” of the brand as a whole.




The team figurehead is a Northamptonshire ‘Steelback’ soldier, from the era of the clubs formation, so nicknamed for their stoicism. Despite being the team namesake, the Soldier felt lost in the background. Our intention was to modify the logo so that the Soldier became the prime focus; we also introduced a wider colour palette and incorporated the white T20 cricket ball into the shield.

For the wider brand, we chose to use photographs of the players in action, making them a central feature of all the materials. We know fans love to see images of their team players in all their glory and we wanted to reflect the excitement of watching live T20 cricket. So far we’ve applied the new brand to membership and hospitality materials, programmes, video idents, scorecards, advertising, signage and much more.







Our Work: BARX Fantasy Football league winners medals



BARX Fantasy Football league monthly winners medals


Barclays Premier League


The BARX Fantasy Football league has been running for several years, but for the 2015/16 season the BARX team decided to award their monthly winners with their very own medals, based on the style of those presented to the Barclays Premier League Champions every year.

The BARX medals were produced using brass and plated in polished nickel, with the centre of the medal printed with the Barclays Premier League logo, and the winner’s text laser engraved onto the outer edge of the medal. In order to keep the Barclays Premier League branding consistent, we used the official ribbons which we design and produce for the Barclays Premier League Champions medal presentation each year.




Our Work: Barclays Premier League Manager of the Season and Player of the Season Awards 2014/15



Barclays Premier League End of Season Awards 2014/15




We were thrilled when we were once again asked by Barclays to design and produce the Barclays Premier League Golden Boot and Golden Glove for the 2014/15 Season.

This year, these acclaimed awards were presented to Manchester City’s Sergio Agüero on the final game of the season at the Etihad Stadium to rapturous applause from the Manchester City fans. Agüero was awarded the Golden Boot for scoring 26 goals in the 2014/15 season, beating out his closest competitor, Tottenham’s Harry Kane, by an impressive 5 goals.

Whilst the Golden Boot was comfortably won by Agüero, the race for the Golden Glove was incredibly close, and was eventually decided on the final day of the season when Manchester City’s Joe Hart kept his 14th clean sheet and was awarded the Barclays Premier League Golden Glove for the fourth time.

These bronze awards are produced using the lost wax chasing technique, after which, they are gold plated and personalised for each recipient.

Throughout the football season, WildWest also produce the Barclays Premier League Man of the Match, Player of the Month, and Manager of the Month trophies, but perhaps none are more sought after as the awards we design and produce for the Barclays Premier League Manager of the Season and Player of the Season Awards. These awards are set apart from the Man of the Match and Manager of the Month awards by being plated in gold.

The 2014/15 season saw an award double for Champions Chelsea FC, with José Mourinho winning the Manager of the Season for the third time, and Eden Hazard being awarded the Player of the Season award. Hazard was also awarded the PFA Player of the Season and FWA Player of the Season awards.

On behalf of everyone at WildWest, we wanted to congratulate each winner on an exciting 2014/15 Barclays Premier League Season.




Our Work: #SheBelongs Match Day Programme Advert

WiF shebelongs



#SheBelongs Match Day Programme Advert and social media


Women in Football


To celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, our client ‘Women in Football’ (WiF) wished to highlight all of the brilliant work carried out by women working within the football industry. We worked with them to create an inspiring match-day programme advert which champions female talent and highlights the often overlooked contributions women regularly make to the sport.

Our advert was designed for each club to personalise with their own image and a message to highlight the skill and dedication of their female employees. Fans were encouraged to engage with the campaign by tweeting examples of the women in football in their lives using the hashtag #SheBelongs.

Aiming to build on the momentum of this campaign, our follow-up advert ran over the Easter Weekend and featured three of the most high-profile women working in professional football today. Gabby Logan (sports journalist), Eniola Aluko (Chelsea FC and England footballer) and Sian Massey (football referee) represent the broad range of careers that can be pursued within football, and each of these women have broken down barriers in the sport in order to achieve their goals.

By teaming up with ‘Everyday Sexism’, the campaign also aims to promote the various ways in which women can report incidents of sexist abuse. These incidents, which so often go unreported, draw attention to the abuse many women face in the world of football and beyond. We hope this campaign, along with the tireless work done by members of the WiF team, can help contribute to creating a lasting change within the game.

For more information on ‘Women in Football’ please visit their website or follow them on Twitter (@WomeninFootball). You can also get involved in the campaign by tweeting using the hashtag #SheBelongs to champion the women you know in football.


WiF shebelongs2


Our work: Barclays ATP World Tour Finals



Barclays internal flyers




WildWest has been working with the Barclays sponsorship department for over 15 years on projects ranging from the Barclays Premier League, Barclays Money Skills, Barclays Prepare For Work and the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals.

On this occasion, we were asked to produce a piece of internal communications to increase awareness of the upcoming Barclays ATP World Tour Final event.  Our aim was to strengthen the relationship between the ATP and Barclays in the eyes of the Barclays employees.

The leaflet was being used by Barclay’s staff to nominate a colleague whom they thought deserved tickets to the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals. We therefore wanted the leaflets to be as eye-catching as possible, to ensure they did not get lost amongst the large quantities of internal communications. To achieve this, we designed the leaflet to resemble a large tennis ball in Barclays Cyan, which we feel successfully solidified the connection between the two organisations. The response from Barclays has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are looking forward to developing this idea further in the future.



Our work: Barclays Premier League top awards

2pics 260x173 - GGlove GBoot awards



Barclays Premier League Golden Boot and Glove Awards


Trophy design and production for the Barclays Premier League award presented annually to the best player and goalkeeper.

2013/14 Season

Golden Boot Luis Suarez (Liverpool)
Golden Glove Petr Cech (Chelsea) and Wojciech Szczesny (Arsenal)


WildWest have added to the suite of awards we provide for the Barclays Premier League by designing and producing the Barclays Golden Boot and Golden Glove awards for the 2013/14 season.

The Barclays Golden Boot is awarded to the top goal-scorer of the season and is a highly sought after and prestigious award. This year, the Barclays Golden Boot was awarded to Luis Suarez (Liverpool) who scored 31 goals in the 2013/14 season. Luis Suarez also won the Barclays Player of the Season award, which is also produced by WildWest.

The Barclays Golden Glove award is awarded to the goalkeeper who has kept the most clean-sheets during the season. This season was a first for the Barclays Premier League as Petr Cech (Chelsea) and Wojciech Szczesny (Arsenal) were crowned joint winners by both keeping 16 clean-sheets.

The awards themselves were designed by WildWest and sculpted in clay and cast using the lost wax chasing technique. After this, the awards were fully gold plated and personalised for each winner.


2pics 260x173 - GGlove GBoot sculptor

Sculptor giving the final touches to the clay model of the Golden Glove Award



Our work: Reinforcing the brand


WildWest has developed a suite of awards for the Barclays Premier League, which are given out to honour outstanding achievement within the beautiful game.

These include the Man of the Match, the Player and Manager of the month and the new Barclays Merit Award, which can be awarded to anyone from groundskeepers to goalies.

The Barclays Merit Award celebrates great sportsmanship, major career milestones and all the outstanding work that goes on behind the scenes in the Barclays Premier League to make the whole matchday experience really special.


WildWest has a long track record in supporting sponsorship and other corporate initiatives with cost-effective resources of all kinds, from branded clothing and equipment, through to trophies like these, specifically designed to underscore the visible branding that corporate sponsors need.

Barclays Premier League Champions 2013

Congratulations Manchester United, from us all at Wildwest Design









We’d like to congratulate Manchester United on their win in the Barclays Premier League. We’d like to thank them sincerely, because for once, the uncertainty didn’t go down to the final day, and so we avoided scurrying around trying to second guess every option as to who might win!

With both Manchester clubs appointing new managers, and managers to be found for Everton and probably Chelsea too, it looks like there are a lot of changes to come at the top of the Premier League. It really is a tough divsion to win.

But here’s to the new competition and 2013/2014, from all of us at Wildwest Design



Cash for Clichés

When Barclays Football wanted to promote their Cash for Clichés fundraising initiative – in support of Sport Relief – WildWest put together this ad, which appeared in all matchday programmes at Barclays Premier League games.

When you need to impress, write the book

Not too long ago, our friends at the sports marketing agency, SMI, came to us for help in producing a promotional brochure for their client Citroën Sport. SMI were marketing a sponsorship proposition for Citroën, one of the leading teams in the World Rally Championship.

Since the sponsorship deal would only be done for a not inconsiderable sum of money, our work had to be prestigious and noticeable – noticeable enough for Europe’s leading brands to start showing an interest. Our solution was dramatic piece of print, an A3 portrait brochure highlighted in Citroën red, and featuring some of the really dramatic photography that was available.

Fast forward a year or so and we find ourselves producing ‘Captured’, a photo-book highlighting award-winning photography of the teams and players in the Barclays Premier League – a coffee-table ‘book of the season’ that you’ll see in many of Barclays’ corporate reception areas.

It was ‘Captured’ that enabled us to find a format for another SMI project, this time promoting Mahindra Racing, who this year are the first team from India to compete in the Moto GP championship. Mahindra wanted to demonstrate to potential sponsors both the substance of Moto GP and the solid credentials of the team that they were bringing to the grid for the first time.

The Mahindra Racing credentials book comes with its own slip case and is part of the door-opening programme being implemented by SMI, in which Mahindra plan to introduce themselves to potential sponsors and partners, in India and across the world. We equipped their team too with a complementary Powerpoint presentation – styled to match the contents of the book – to help explain the nature and extent of the full sponsorship proposition.

The lessons from all of this seem to be that if you want to impress high-level audiences, then you can’t afford to take half measures, and a book may just offer the presence that your proposition deserves.