Sample assignments



We handle a wide variety of assignments for our clients. Some are large and complex; others are smaller and very specific. All require high quality solutions, delivered with flair and attention to detail. You’ll see samples of many of these throughout our blog and in our credentials document that you can view or download from

Web sites – often with closed, private areas giving specific information (for example to investors)

Outbound bulletin and invitation systems – enabling companies to keep in touch with those who influence their business, often by email

Advertising – creative work for corporate and product advertising, through press and outdoor media

Annual reports – financial and other reports which give investors and others a complete picture of corporate trading

Corporate and product literature – printed material which explains what a product or company is, and who is likely to use it, or be interested in it. (This used to be referred to as ‘positioning’).

Events – from invitations to straightforward corporate presentations or meetings, through to product launches and marketing conferences with complete venue branding, display and specific collateral.




Promotion – advertising and direct marketing designed to establish corporate presence, build traffic to a web site or an event like an exhibition or seminar.

Display –┬ádesign and production of┬ádisplay systems, design of graphics and promotions at exhibitions, trade shows and events, right through to complete corporate displays and branding.

Ecommerce systems – enabling buying and selling through your web site

Identity and branding – development of identities for new companies and refinement of existing identities for products, companies, events and initiatives

Direct marketing – direct promotion of companies, products and services, particularly to audiences which are difficult to reach and influence

Some companies need many of these services, some just one. We are happy to take on individual projects or provide a complete service for all a company’s requirements.


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