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High-flying design

High-flying design

AirPlus is a multi-award winning business travel payment specialist, combining innovative products, superior data quality and high-touch local service.

To explain the benefits of their products and to describe how they worked, we created an animated explainer video asset that took potential customers through all the stages of travel.

We also created a number of graphic assets and printed collateral.

AirPlus brochures photographed from the top
AirPlus brochures photographed from the front

Campaigns that go further

Campaigns that go further

As part of the AirPlus communication strategy, we created a number of adverts targeted at corporate clients to promote AirPlus travel products. This campaign ran through printed press and digital channels.

AirPlus digital banner showing a travelling woman speaking on the phone
AirPlus digital banner showing an aircraft and sunset in the background
AirPlus digital banner showing a city skyscraper background


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