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A new era of football

A new era of football

The Barclays Women’s Super League (BWSL) and Barclays Women’s Championship (BWC) are the top two professional women’s football leagues in England, with the Barclays WSL currently boasting more FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 players than any other league in the world.

The popularity of women’s football is higher than ever, with the 2022-23 season of the Barclays Women’s Super League showing record-breaking broadcast audience figures. We wanted to design an award that reflects this step forward in women’s football.

Aston Villa football player with Golden Boot award

Image: Getty Images/Paul Harding

Manchester United player with Golden Glove award

Image: Manchester United FC

Tradition meets modernity

Tradition meets modernity

The sculptures on the award capture a moment in time and emphasise the players’ movements and efforts to reach further. They sit on a translucent base that adds air and takes weight out of the award.

In the design of these vertical awards, we wanted to bring together the classic gold of the traditional awards and a modern blue base to create an award that represents the women’s game.

Golden Boot award
Golden Glove award

Pull back the curtain

Pull back the curtain

We worked with Barclays to create a variety of social media assets for the awards, bringing the fans into the workshop.

We produced teaser videos for social media before the awards were presented, culminating in the reveal of the end product.

Finally, we produced a video which takes the viewers through the journey of the metal casting process. Throughout the video, the sculptor of the awards explains the significance of the designs and what these top players represent for the future of women’s football.



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