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HSMG sustainable paper solutions

HSMG sustainable paper solutions

HSMG developed and licensed eco-friendly solutions to eliminate persistent chemistries globally used by pulp, paper and packaging manufacturers and specialty chemical companies. HSMG was born out of the shared vision to reduce the dependence on plastics and plastic-coated paper products.

With environmental stability lying at the heart of HSMG’s identity, we knew we had to incorporate this philosophy into their branding. We designed the mark to represent biodegradability but also to reiterate its commitment to action on crucial issues.

Greentech Global logo
Eco-friendly coffee cup
Fresh sandwiches in eco-friendly paper
HS Manufacturing Group logo

(VID) Greentech Global HSMG PROTEAN Enhanced Oil Absorbents

Designing the future

Designing the future

PROTEAN, is a revolutionary platform for producing sustainable additive and barrier coating formulations for water, oil and grease resistance.

We wanted PROTEAN’s product branding to be kept simple yet effective. The design uses colours to differentiate between each of the product’s applications and features. These are complemented by three different graphics that can be used on their own or work as an icon system when displayed on products.

To show how effective this technology could be, we created a series of videos testing the different applications of the technology and showing the results.

PROTEAN® technology logo on white background
PROTEAN® OGR barrier logo on yellow background
PROTEAN® Water Barrier logo on blue background

(VID) Greentech Global HSMG PROTEAN Enhanced Oil Absorbents 2



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