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Bringing ideas to life

Bringing ideas to life

The PROTEAN platform technology can be formulated to provide eco-friendly, cost-effective solutions for commercial replacement of legacy materials such as plastic coatings and fluorochemicals.

We created an animated explainer video to show the different applications of the technology, using the design and animation to convey complex concepts in the simplest possible way.

PROTEAN® technology process illustration
Hydraulic press illustration
PROTEAN® platform technology illustration

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Telling your story

We scripted and storyboarded the video to make sure that the content and the pace of the story fit the HSMG message.

We also organised the voiceover recording, casting the right voiceover artists and directing them to get the perfect tone and delivery.

HSMG explainer storyboard
HSMG explainer storyboard (close-up)
Microphone with pop shield


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