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A block of pure colour

A block of pure colour

The Premier League is a global phenomenon, representing the top tier of English football. WildWest works with the Premier League to design and produce awards celebrating the most talented players, managers and football professionals in the game.

The award was designed to be a block of pure colour, embodying the ‘Always Bright’ ethos of the new Premier League brand. With its iconic and monolithic design, we wanted the award to reflect how the achievements of the top players will be remembered in years to come. 

Four awards
Manchester City football player with Player of the Season award

Image: Manchester City FC

Arsenal manager with Manager of the Season award

Image: Arsenal FC

A family of awards

A family of awards

We created a design that can adapt to all kinds of sizes, materials and competitions including the PL2, PL Youth Academy, ePremier League and PL Charitable Foundation.

From the Premier League awards’ two interlocking pieces of solid metal to the ePremier League awards’ metallic finish, the designs remain true to the core idea of being a block of pure colour.

Player of the Match award
Kicks and Primary Stars awards

Evolving with the brand

Evolving with the brand

The Premier League is one of the most dynamic and widely-watched football competitions in the world. We are proud to be the company that created these designs when the awards were launched and to have evolved them with the brand ever since.

2016 Monthly awards
2016 Monthly awards, presented from top


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