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A classic design

A classic design

The most sought-after individual awards in football are the Golden Boot and the Golden Glove, recognising the top scorer and most clean sheets of each season. The Playmaker award was added to this elite collection, slotting in with the traditional design of the other awards.

The design draws from the rich history of the Golden Boot and Golden Glove to create an instant classic.

Golden Glove winner award 2022/23
Playmaker winner award 2022/23
Liverpool player holding Golden Boot award

Image: Liverpool FC/Getty Images

Tottenham Hotspur player holding Golden Boot award

Image: Tottenham Hotspur FC/Getty Images

Manchester City player holding Golden Glove award

Image: Manchester City FC/Getty Images

From clay to gold

From clay to gold

The artist who created the figures for each award captured the movement and tension of each figure to make them feel weightless. We wanted them to touch the base of the award without being anchored to it, as though they could continue playing at any moment.

The awards not only represent the end achievement of the winners but also the time, work and dedication it took to get there.

Golden Glove award in clay
Golden Glove award in gold

(IMG) Trophy lineup

Lineup of awards: Golden Glove, Playmaker and Golden Boot


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