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Designing the digital

Designing the digital

Satsyil Corp is a technology-focused company developing end-to-end software and enterprise solutions focused on AI and Machine Learning based process automation, advanced data analytics using big data, and other customised solutions. 

After winning large contracts for the American Federal and State Governments as well as in the Health Insurance and Technology sectors, Satsyil decided that they needed a stronger brand identity to reflect the growth of the company.

Satsyil logo icon
Satsyil logo
White Satsyil logo on a dark blue background

A culture of innovation

A culture of innovation

We created a new logo and identity that showed seamless integration and a smooth change. The brand is supported by a range of graphic assets and images using a restricted colour palette of blue tones.

The website highlights Satsyil’s technological capabilities and their culture of innovation while focusing on the benefits for the customer rather than on the technology itself.

Satsyil Capability Statement brochure
Satsyil website home page


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