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Creating current designs

Creating current designs

T&R is an independent British company with a proud 65+ year history, offering world class engineering solutions to a global customer base. T&R has been integral in the design and manufacture of environmentally responsible power solutions.

We refreshed T&R’s branding with a new identity which added contrast and definition to the logo, creating a stronger and more modern mark. We used the lines representing alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) to reference the company’s role in electrical engineering.

T&R logo on a white background
T&R logo on an orange background

A powerful approach to design

A powerful approach to design

The new colour palette uses a strong colour combination of black and orange, making them a key part of the brand.

A new website and new imagery were also crucial aspects of the brand’s transformation.

T&R business cards
Transformer connected to machinery

(IMG) Production

Man walking through industrial building


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